Course: ASP.NET / ADO.NET / C#.NET / SQL Server


  Framework   Websites with Master Pages   Send Mail
  Standard Controls   Websites with Themes   Web Services
  Validation Controls   Custom Controls with user Controls   Basic of JavaScript
  Rich Controls   AJAX implementation      
  State Management techniques   Authentication  


  ADO.NET architecture   Database connectivity with SQL server
  Data Providers   Connection string/Connection pooling
     - Connection   Data Access using ASP.NET controls
     - Command object     - ListView / DataPager  - FormView
     - DataAdapter     - GridView  - Repeater / DataList
     - DataReader     - DetailsView      
     - DataSet            

3 - Tier Architecture

Understanding 3-Tier architecture
  Creation of 3-Tier architecture as per industry standards
    - Data Access Layer            
    - Business access layer            
    - Presentation Layer            
  Using 3-Tier architecture with live example


  Functions   Object oriented Programming(OOPs)     
  Arrays     - Inheritance - Interface Implementation
  String String builder     - Polymorphism - Delegation
  Enumeration     - Data abstraction - Event handling
  Exception Handling     - Operater Overloading - Properties

SQL Server

Overview of SQL ACID Properties Stored Procedure
  DDL / DML / DCL   Joins   Triggers
  SQL server basic   View   Cursore
  Transect SQL Statements   Indexing   Exception Handling
  Normalization   Union / Union all   Transection Management