JAVA Training & Projects


Course: Core JAVA / Advance JAVA(J2EE) / Servlet / My Sql/ Live Project



 Ø  Core JAVA

OOPS Fundamental


Java class and Objects

OOPS Implementation(Data abstraction,

data encapsulation, inheritance,  polymorphism)

Constructors and Destructors

Packages and Interfaces

Garbage Collection

Exception Handling

String Handling

Collection Package and Implementation

Multi Threading

Stream based I/O in Java

Java GUI(AWT, Swing, event handling)

  Ø  Advance Java (J2EE)

Introduction to Web Application     Technologies

J2EE Architecture

Java Services Pages(JSP)

          -          Developing Dynamic and static Forms

          -          JSP directives

          -          JSTL and Custom Tag


          -          Hypertext Transfer Protoco

          -          HTTP GET/POST

          -          HTTP Request,HTTP Response

          -          HTTP session,Cookies

Servlet  mapping with web.xml

Container and Component

Java Filters

Tomcat server


 Ø Java Database Programming

JDBC Drivers

Java database connectivity and executing  different type of queries


 Ø Struts Framework

Introduction to Struts

MVC and Struts Architecture

Actions, Results & Interceptors

Struts 2 Presentation Tags

Creating Custom Interceptors and Results

Validating Action Properties

Generating Composite Views using Tiles

Sample Project

 Ø Hibernet

Introduction to ORM and Hibernate

Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate Configuration

Introduction to Session and SessionFactory

Persisting Objects using Hibernate

Inheritance Mapping

Hibernate Query Language

Integrating Struts & Hibernate

 Ø Industry Project Training

JAVA Script


Introduction to CSS and web templates



 Ø JAVA Editors

Net Beans


  Ø  Live Project

Project Definition

SRS & Documentation

GUI & Database Design

Coding with Industry Standards