JAVA Technologies

Core Java

Java Introduction
Language Fundamentals
Object Oriented Programming consept and implementation in Java
Collection Package and Implementation
Packages and Interfaces
Exception Handling
String Handling
Multi Threading
Stream based I/O in Java
  AWT, Applets

Advanced Java

Introduction to Web Application Technologies
Developing a View and Controller Component
Java Services Pages(JSP)
Database Connectivity & JDBC
Overview of Networking
Threads and Multithreading
  RMI for distributed computing
  XML and Web Services
  Sample project


Introduction to Struts
MVC and Struts Architecture
Actions, Results & Interceptors
Struts 2 Presentation Tags
Creating Custom Interceptors and Results
Validating Action Properties
Generating Composite Views using Tiles
  Sample Project


Introduction to ORM and Hibernate
Hibernate Architecture
Hibernate Configuration
Introduction to Session and SessionFactory
Persisting Objects using Hibernate
Inheritance Mapping
Hibernate Query Language
  Integrating Struts & Hibernate

JAVA Editors

Net Beans